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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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officials, there are suspects currently in their custody. however, they did not elaborate what role these individuals may have played in the attack. officials we've been speaking to are convinced that this was a planned and coordinate attack. they are not convinced that it was simply an outburst of spontaneous anger towards an anti-islamic movie made in the u.s. which has angered protesters all across the region. they are convinced there was some kind of planned or pre-planned attack against the american embassy. meanwhile, the u.s. is sending fbi special investigators to benghazi to help in determining the cause of the attack, and who else may have been involved in it. now, for their part, the u.s. embassy has received some reinforcements. at least 50 marines have arrived and have now taken up positions here in the capital. we also understand that at least two u.s. navy warships have been deployed off the coast of libya, and the government here has pledged to the united states that it will cooperate with the investigation, and help in trying to bring the perpetrators
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of this attack to justice. nbc news, tripoli. and the violent anti-american protests have spread from tunisia to indonesia. the crisis is growing, and it is becoming a larger factor in the race for the white house. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with more on this. >> reporter: wendy, good evening. candidate paul ryan implied today this wouldn't be happening if mitt romney were in the white house. for his part today, president obama took a hard line. as anti-american rioting spread through the muslim world, president obama was on hand for the return of the remains of u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens, and his three colleagues, murdered by a mob on the 9/11 anniversary tuesday. the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> i'm making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute.
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for we are americans. and we hold our head high. >> reporter: but the protests widened. this was iraq, in lebanon symbols of the u.s. got burned at kfc and the hardee's. this was gaza. many egyptians are still furious over that anti-muslim film made in the u.s. and it's not just arab nations. muslims to the east erupted. this was pakistan today. this was bangladesh. these were indian muslims in kashmir. while back in the u.s., republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan blamed president obama. >> what we do not see is steady consistent american leadership. that is what keeps the peace. and that is what we will have in a romney/ryan administration. >> reporter: team obama called that an attempt to score political points. >> both factually wrong, and
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poorly timed. now is the time when americans should be coming together. >> reporter: as many in the muslim world are coming together against america. breaking news now that might be related to the movie, muslim protests in afghanistan. there's a report just coming out now of the death of two u.s. marines after a fire fight at a nato base in southern afghanistan. apparently with the taliban. the same base, coincidentally, where britain's prince harry is posted. he's not reported hurt or involved in this. not clear whether the taliban attacked this nato base in connection with the movie protests. the white house, meanwhile, insisted earlier today there was no intelligence that could have predicted or prevented the deaths of those four americans in libya earlier this week. i'm steve handelsman, news4.
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the news is still developing on those bomb threats that caused three college campuses to be evacuated today. police say a man claiming to be with al qaeda called the university of texas at austin this morning. aid he had placed bombs throughout the school. thousands of students and teachers were evacuated. there was a similar threat of explosives at north dakota state university, and at valparaiso university in indiana. police and fbi officials did not find any bombs. we'll have more on whether this was a coordinated effort in a full report in ten minutes. today students at central high remember marckel ross who was shot to death on his way to class on tuesday. he was one of two teenage honor students murdered in prince george's county in the last two weeks. marckel's mother would not miss this memorial despite her own personal pain. >> reporter: it's been a difficult week for her. the students gave her a loud round of applause.
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and were very happy to see her. this is a memorial that was planned by the students for the students. who are dealing with the tragic loss of their classmate. if each of these balloons could equal a tear shed since the murder of marckel ross, they would fill the sky. >> it's a feeling you can't explain. i never felt this before. >> reporter: today students at central high school pay tribute to their friend their way. a memorial program organized by the students included a presentation from the modeling club he was a member of. words from teachers. >> you hear the praise about people who light up a whole room. >> reporter: reflections from students, the principal, the interim superintendent and marckel's mother. >> i really, really deeply in my heart believe that each and every last one of you loved marckel. >> reporter: outside central high school, marckel's mom said she didn't have the strength to
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go to a vigil held in her son's honor last night, but had to be here today. >> i'm coming to this vigil because of all the respect and love, for marckel. >> reporter: early tuesday morning the central high junior was gunned down on old central avenue while he was walking to school. police say they have no suspect in the case and no leads. his mother is waiting for answers. >> if it wasn't for all my support, i don't know if i could make it. but -- it's hard. it's hard. because i want to know who done this to my son and why. >> reporter: today light blue balloons were launched at marckel's student where he was an honor roll student taking a.p. classes. >> the best place for my son, and it's okay, because i know he's gone above. >> reporter: the light blue balloons were chosen because that's one of marckel's favorite
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colors. his funeral will be held this thursday at the jericho city praise. there is a $25,000 reward offered for any information to lead to an arrest in this case. tracee wilkins, news4. tonight prince george's county police are also searching for clues in the death of another teenager, 17-year-old amber stanley, murdered in her home in kettering last month. officers passed out fliers, spoke to people in the community hoping to find some new information about that death today. police say any tips passed along will remain anonymous. the alexandria man who admitted he tried to blow up the u.s. capitol building got a maximum sentence. 29-year-old amine el khalifi received 70 years in prison. he had a mission of a bomb-covered vest. but the vest was a fake and his supposed al qaeda connections were actually undercover fbi agents. el khalifi did not express any remorse at his sentencing today. a man from west virginia
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tried to bring this gun onto a plane at reagan national airport today. he also had a magazine clip with six rounds of ammunition in it. transportation security administration officers identified the items inside the 49-year-old man's carry-on bag. they confiscated the stuff and cited him for violating a state weapons law. then he boarded his scheduled flight to detroit. well, we have another beautiful day, and another beautiful weekend. and then, wham, it's going to get ugly. veronica's standing by with that good news for you. >> yeah. well, it is going to get ugly early part of next week. i want to stress just how nice today, this evening, and this weekend is going to be. 81 degrees, after a temperature right now, we got up to a high temperature earlier of 82. take a look at the numbers throughout the area. leesburg at 81. 79 in gaithersburg. 80 degrees around waldorf, maryland. in is a front that's going to be
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moving through overnight. that front without any rain. our temperatures will drop. we'll talk about how much cooler this weekend is going to be and a bigger storm system that's going to head our way again for the early part of next week. doreen? >> thanks, veronica. coming up more, team coverage of the protests spreading around the world. new abortion clinic rules in virginia are stricter than ever. some say it's meant to put those clinics out of business. the crooks involved in a smash-and-grab robbery at an
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we continue to follow the violent protest erupting around the world. some of the most violent demonstrations against a film that insults the muhammad. police fought the crowds with batons and tear gas for an hour before retreating. there were calmer protests across the middle east today and one outside the u.s. embassy in london. our team coverage begins with nbc's jim aceda reporting from cairo. >> reporter: after calls for a peaceful protest today by
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egyptian president muhammad morsi, there have been no reports of violence here in cairo, or out of libya. but there have been more protests, some of them violent throughout the muslim world. the ongoing street battles between protesters and police in tunis. we understand there's the grounds there. in yemen, protesters tried to storm the u.s. embassy after succeeding to do that yesterday. however, today, they were pushed back by police and soldiers. some reportedly shooting live rounds. a contingent of u.s. marines has landed at the airport and intended to beef up security at the u.s. embassy there. perhaps the most dramatic pictures today are coming out of sudan. in khartoum we've seen groups of angry muslims that have stormed the embassy after attempting and failing to breach the british embassy, smashing windows there, starting fires. and in pakistan, indonesia and bangladesh, muslims sometime in the thousands protested against
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that anti-islam film today. the u.s. embassies were often the target, though they were successfully protected unlike in sudan. nbc news, reporting from cairo. now back to you. brian williams and richard engel will have more coverage on the rage in middle east on "nbc nightly news" that begins at 7:00. several universities are on alert tonight after receiving bomb threats. tens of thousands of students and teachers were evacuated from the university of texas at austin, and north dakota state university today, while police searched those campuses. jay gray has more on whether the two threats are connected. >> reporter: there were two calls at about the same time this morning. both warning of bombs planted on two college campuses about 1,000 miles apart. the university of texas in austin. >> we had a threat of an explosive, or a group of explosives. >> reporter: and north dakota state in fargo. >> the campus evacuated in a timely and orderly fashion.
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this is a scenario we have practiced for and unfortunately have to put it into practice right now. >> reporter: local s.w.a.t. teams and federal agents rushed in. securing and searching several buildings across each campus, and within a few hours sounding the all-clear. both fargo and austin. >> we are extremely confident that the campus is safe. we are allowing people back into the buildings. >> reporter: back, but not completely confident that the tense morning at both schools was just a coincidence. >> you definitely think that's a coordinate effort when you hear another university has also has the same, or similar threat. >> reporter: a threat that both local and federal officers are still investigating. both here and in north dakota, investigators say they have some solid leads in both cases. but to this point, there's no clear evidence that either of the incidents are in any way connected.
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jay gray, nbc news, austin, texas. veronica is here with a look at the weather forecast. another spectacular day. even a little warmer than yesterday, right? >> you must have been outside today. >> i was. >> and i turned the ac on in my car which is unbelievable. i couldn't believe i was doing it. >> too warm for wendy, but now we'll see a cooldown, we're talking about a lot of rain and cooler temperatures. that's something we haven't seen in a while. just rain. the all-day kind of rain. >> no thunder and lightning, no wind kind of rain? >> that's right. take this weekend to go around your house, clean out the gutters, get a lot of debris -- anything that's going to keep -- or block the drains there, to keep them from flowing. because we're talking about a substantial amount of rain. that's the way it's looking right now. the details coming up. first, look at that sky. it is gorgeous. so pretty right now. 82 degrees was our high temperature today. we started out at 64. your average high, 81.
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right now, a few clouds. but i do not think we're going to see any rain from those clouds. so partly cloudy right now. reagan national airport with a temperature at 81 degrees. did you notice this, too? doreen did. a little bit of humidity in the air today. dew point right now of 50% humidity. we've got the wind that's coming out of the south. and when this front that i'm expecting to move through here by tomorrow morning, behind it our winds will shift to out of the north. temperature currently up in gaithersburg, 77 degrees. good evening to you folks around leesburg, 81 degrees. and waldorf, 81 is your temperature. so let's take a look at the radar. it is dry throughout as the radar scans team 4 radar. dry here. you'll notice those showers along the line of this cold front. they're just falling apart as they make their way eastward. so i thought maybe we might see
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a sprinkle or two, but i don't even think we'll get that. the next weather system will be coming in quickly at the end of the weekend, a storm system developing down south. that system will be pulling a lot of moisture with it and an area of low pressure early part of next week. we'll focus on this front coming through, nice conditions for tomorrow. area of high pressure moves in. we get some sunshine. and then for sunday, you're going to notice sunshine, and then a few clouds coming in, especially some of our southern-most counties south of d.c. down around stafford county. those will be coming from the new area of low pressure. it's going to follow the upper air flow. the area of low pressure organizing, so monday and tuesday is the time period. monday late, tuesday morning. spots like raleigh, north carolina, atlanta, georgia, may have some airport delays monday evening with the storm system. and the type of rain that it will dump. it will pull a lot of moisture out of the gulf of mexico.
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for us here, again, i think tuesday early we could see our wettest time period going into midday, with the storm system perhaps winding down by tuesday late afternoon and evening. here's the kind of rain i'm expecting. one to three inches. and while we're not expecting any severe weather with any tornadoes, or high winds, we still could see winds up to around 30 miles per hour. so a soggy one for us coming up. our evening forecast for partly cloudy, gorgeous out there, 71 to 75 degrees. so get out and really enjoy yourself the next couple of days. 54 to 63 early tomorrow morning. more sunshine, more beautiful weather, mild at 75 to 80 degrees. today into the low 80s. tomorrow, just shy, i think, of 80 degrees in a lot of neighborhoods. 76 degrees expected on monday with a 60% chance for rain around the area. 77 on tuesday. on tuesday, with that heavy rain moving through, i think any breaks we get in the cloud cover
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there is the possibility of a mble of thunder. that's the way it's looking on the other side of this front. we'll talk more about this coming up. 73 for a high temperature on wednesday. >> oh, my. no ac that day. >> no. >> bring out the heavier sweaters. thanks, veronica. a news4 exclusive report on a brazen midday robbery is coming up. an eyewitness tells how a clerk tried to stop the crooks. police want to find a man who stalked a man on metro and then attacked her. coming up in sports, the caps sign one of their stars to a new deal. the redskins pay tribute to an opposing coach's facial hair. we'll explain. plus, how mike shanahan plus, how mike shanahan tries to keep the rams g this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education,
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check out this apple store surveillance tape from california earlier this month. thieves crashed right into the store, trying to steal iphones and ipads. trouble is, they had a difficult time crashing back out through the security gate. then their vehicle got a flat tire. and to make matters even worse, their license plate fell off at the scene. the driver was arrested when he returned to retrieve that license plate. he pleaded not guilty wednesday and is being held on $600,000
6:24 pm
bond. in friendship heights, a brazen robbery occurred in the middle of the day. >> it happened at a high-end boutique in friendship heights. pat collins tells us what the thieves were after. >> i've seen a lot of things. i see it on tv, but this is the first time in my whole police career that i've seen it in the flesh. to go in with that kind of nerve. >> reporter: that's paul hill. he's an ex-d.c. cop. he said he's never seen a crime so bold and brazen than what he and his wife saw in friendship heights today. they were on their way to a doctor's appointment. four guys pull up in a malibu car. they get out of the car. they lock the car. and then those four guys walk into saks jandel. four guys into saks jandel. they don't sell men's suits here, they sell fancy women's
6:25 pm
stuff. the hills, they got suspicious. >> four big guys -- >> reporter: going into saks. >> i said, something's going on. when i said that, they went in to rob the store. sure enough, that was it. >> reporter: how many handbags did they have? >> they had their arms loaded from rist to elbow, with expensive handbags. >> reporter: the thieves come out to make their getaway. they get into that malibu car. and a woman from the store comes out to try and stop then. >> this one lady, i think the manager of the store, she runs out, runs in front of the car, and she does like this. and the car's moving. i said, please, don't hit her. then she runs to the door, she's trying to hold the door. >> and then she got back up on the sidewalk and then they sped away. >> reporter: but it doesn't end here. i draw your attention now to
6:26 pm
saks fifth avenue across the street. auk august 19th, a similar handbag heist. sources say $75,000 worth of designer bags stolen from saks. is that instant related to this incident? police are investigating. in montgomery county, i'm pat collins, news4. the ceremony at joint base andrews. the remains of u.s. ambassador, a diplomat and two security officers were returned from libya. they were killed in that attack on the consulate in benghazi tuesday. the relatives and families of all four murdered americans were there to receive them. while protests continue across the arab world, pope benedict arrived in lebanon today as part of his pilgrimage for peace in the middle east. it's considered one of the most dangerous trips he's taken as
6:27 pm
pope. he landed a few miles from the border of syria where civil war is still raging. pope benedict will celebrate an open-air mass in lebanon on sunday. there are still two unsolved murders. students at central high and capital heights held a special remembrance for marckel ross who was shot walking to school on tuesday. amber stanley was murdered in her home last month. investigators are asking for information to solve both of these crimes. some strict new medical building regulations were approved in virginia this afternoon. and some believe that they're intended to put abortion clinics out of business in the commonwealth. derrick ward explains what the new rules could mean for existing women's health clinics in virginia. >> reporter: rose rose matter cotting couldn't turn away from her computer screen. they were voting on a set of regulations. usually that doesn't sound very
6:28 pm
exciting, does it. >> i'm sort of overwhelmed. >> reporter: that's because the outcome could likely determine if the falls church health care center continues to exist. these regulations govern an area such as the size of janitor's closets and number of parking spaces as well as they would to a new hospital. >> there's been a lot of change in construction for new hospitals. our existing fairfax hospital cannot meet these 2010 new guidelines. >> reporter: but after the vote, the falls church health care center would have to. it redefined clinics as a class of hospital, thus bringing them under the same regulations. the sat board of health voted that existing facilities could be exempted from the new regulations or grandfathered out. but the state attorney general kicked it back to them, refusing to certify their vote. and on this day, the amendment was defeated. and so were the expectations about the outcome. >> i did not see this coming.
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because i really did trust the medical professionals and the board of health, and now i've been proven wrong. >> reporter: supporters of the regulation say they would ensure the safety of women who use these clinics for gynecological care, legal abortions or whatever. but cotting says the regulations already in place were more than sufficient, and now that new regulations could put them out of business. >> i think medicine is being practiced by the legislature, and by the attorney general, and i don't think that they have been approved by the office of professions here of health in virginia to do that. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. similar laws in tennessee and kansas have already led to clinic closings there. rosemary cotting and her staff are working to bring the falls church facility in compliance with the new regulations, but she said a shutdown of the facility is still possible. new video of a person of interest in an armed sexual assault that occurred near an orange line metro station. d.c. police want you to see the man who followed the victim out
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of the deanwood station northeast. he followed the victim out the tunnel, the assault happened just a couple of blocks away. this is a composite sketch of the man who was described as being in his early to mid-20s, about 5'7", 160 pounds. he was wearing a white polo shirt with a black horizontal stripe. police are offering up to $1,000 for a tip leading to his arrest. a police chase slowed down on the beltway today. a county sheriff was trying to pull over a driver, and the driver would have none of it. deputies and maryland state police both had to go after the car until the suspect crashed at route 1. that mess shut down all but one lane of traffic for a while. it's not clear why the police were trying to pull the suspect over to begin with. new trouble for an immigrant who was scammed after hitting a lottery jackpot. his lawyer said he's now being detained by immigration authorities. he hit the lottery two years
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ago. because he doesn't have a social security number, he asked a co-worker to claim the $450,000 lottery payout for him. he says that co-worker kept the money. ortiz and his wife are now suing her for fraud. their attorney says the fraud case will still move forward, while ortiz's immigration fate is decided. the man who scammed nearly a dozen people in a home mortgage fraud was sentenced in rockville today. carlos sanchez got seven years in prison. prosecutors say he preyed on fellow latinos who were close to losing their homes and businesses. he and a partner took nearly $50,000 from the victims and spent the money on themselves. >> they targeted these individuals with the thought that the people he was targeting would never report their crimes. >> anybody could think about, are you stupid or what? how come this guy deceives you? they had the skill to convince anybody. >> sanchez apologized to his victims saying he never meant any of these things to happen. he's being investigated for
6:32 pm
similar crimes in prince george's, in howard and in baltimore counties. an e-mail sent to employees at a federal agency was meant to celebrate the hispanic culture, but instead it's interpreted as offensive. now the author of that message is apologizing. richard jordan has more. >> reporter: a famous marxist revolutionary pictured in an inner office mass e-mail, and a blast of online criticism. thursday a management analyst at the environment protection agency sent out the e-mail meant to highlight the hispanic culture for hispanic heritage month. but the e-mail titled hispanic news you can use seemed to be copied off a website called buzzle and what some consider stereotypes. it says, when hispanics are addressing someone with informal words, generally they are very fast, loud, and use a lot of body language gestures to convey their points.
6:33 pm
>> you can't judge a whole race of people based on actions of a lot of them. >> reporter: the e-mail also included this photo of avariousa, the ally to fidel castro in the cuban revolution, shown on a mural. but some hispanics say the rebel's place in history is debatable. >> some people say he was bad, he was wrong. some said he was great. >> reporter: a florida congresswoman issued a statement saying, i am aghast and upset that a federal agency would send an e-mail depicting him in celebration of hispanic heritage month. he was a blood thirsty, vengeful, cowardly, sadistic, two-bit delinquent who used his position as enforcement to send countless innocent persons before the firing squads. the employee sent an apology e-mail. in it, she writes she did not know who the person was in the photo and apologized to anyone who was offended. the epa put out a statement saying that the e-mail was sent
6:34 pm
by an individual employee and there was no previous clearance, discussion or approval from the agency. in northwest washington, richard jordan, news4. the employee who sent out the e-mail said the picture attached was meant to dress up the fact sheet. hispanic heritage month begins tomorrow. there is now advice for the neighbors in the district who are complaining about the standing water around the trees. after our report last night about the mosquito complaints, the city's urban forestry administration investigated the area around tenth and m streets northwest. here's the problem. these are called canopy keepers. it's a slow drip system to water trees. forestry officials tell us that these are part of a tree adoption program. and the district gives out these devices to volunteers. the volunteers are being reminded to clean the basins out at least once a week to avoid creating mosquito breeding grounds. it was supposed to relieve crowding on metro during rush
6:35 pm
hour, but the rush plus program isn't going as smoothly as hoped. according to wtop, there's been major congestion on the blue line. because morning riders are reluctant to transfer from the blue to the yellow line. they'll offer free $5 fare cards to some passengers to offer incentive. they rolled out rush plus in ju june. a new royal scandal over photos. this time there's a royal lawsuit. we're getting our first look at spielberg's new movie filmed here in virginia. how about or weather, veronica? >> talking about a real soaker that's going to head our way for the early part of next week. but first, take a look at the temperatures out there right now. simply lovely. we're in the low 80s. we're going to be heading on down into the 50s, the low 60s by early tomorrow morning. no problems whatsoever for the weekend. we'll detail and talk about how warm it's going to be.
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more details now on the breaking news in afghanistan. a deadly attack at the same camp where prince harry is based. we're told two marines were killed in southern afghanistan. there are no reports prince harry being among the injured. earlier this week the taliban threatened to kill prince harry after he deployed to afghanistan. military officials say the attackers used small arms and mortars. the u.s. marine portion of the
6:39 pm
base took the prunt brunt of th attack. a fight in the courts. prince william and his wife kate are suing a french magazine for publishing topless photos of kate. the photos were taken when the two vacationed recently at a remote private home in the south of france. and the photographer used a telephoto lens. the couple are now in the middle of their asia tour which they plan to continue, but they say they're terribly saddened by this. the magazine that published the photos denies the abuse. u.s. olympians and paralympians were honored at the white house today. the most decorated olympian ever, baltimore's michael phelps, was front row and center. bethesda's swimmer katie ledecky got prime seats next to vice president biden. she got a special shoutout from the president as he saluted all of the olympians.
6:40 pm
>> katie ledecky may have been swimming in hon done, but she still had to finish the summer reading assignments for her high school english class. where's katie? there she is. [ applause ] >> of course, it's katie ledecky, mr. president. keeping all those names straight can be a challenge, i guess. katie brought some of her stone ridge cool classmates with her for today's ceremony. team usa won 104 medals at the summer olympics, 46 of them gold. it's carol maloney time. it's friday. what you got? >> friday for you. but local sports teams just taking care of business. congrats on you guys finishing up another week. for sports we're getting going. coming up, bruce springsteen may be at nats park tonight, but robert griffin iii may be born to run. the facial hair frenzy that is taking over the redskins. and what it has to do with this weekend's opponent. i think yo heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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it is simply lovely outside. we got up to 82 degrees today. for the last couple of hours, the temperature has held right at 81. just a little bit of humidity, and yeah, you've seen the clouds out there, too. those clouds with the weather
6:44 pm
front. but they're not going to bring us any rain. i don't even think we'll see any sprinkles during the overnight period. we're going to start clearing out and get the sunshine back in here tomorrow. temperatures will rise, but not quite as high as they were today. getting into the upper 70s. 76 in frederick. d.c., 79. a fine weekend. we will have the front coming through. we've got sunshine on tap for saturday, just a few clouds are going to start making their way into the area on sunday. at 3:00, you can see what i'm talking about, clouds streaming through. by late sunday and early monday, the clouds will start coming in fast from the south. because that's exactly where our next storm system is coming from, from the south. so by the time we get to monday, it's going to be wet around here. i think very wet by tuesday morning.
6:45 pm
carol just told me that rg-iii's mom braids his hair. that's so sweet. one more reason to love this guy. >> and here i am with the big pre-game question about pierre garcon. that's so funny. >> that's important, too. >> that's important, too, as the redskins and rams get ready. pierre still nursing that sore right foot, still limited at practice. he's being listed as questionable. mike shanahan said he is a game time decision. rg-iii will be back hoping to bring the same game changing ability to st. louis. now that the book is out on what he can do in the nfl, the rams "d" might be more prepared than the saints. not that mike shanahan seems concerned. the show-me state can be shown all they want, but that might not make it any easier for them. >> well, what defenses have to do, they have to account for him in the running game. they don't know how many times
6:46 pm
we're going to run him in the game, or the possibility of running him. so we can run our offense and dictate what we want to do. not necessarily what they're going to do. so we can hopefully keep people off-balance. it's a fine line. but it's something that's been fun for us. experimenting with some of the things he's able to do. >> all right. to lambeau field last night. rivalry game between the bears and packers. under two minutes to go in the first half, green bay, a little trickery, faking the field goal. it's tom crabtree going in for 27 yards. packers up 10-0 at halftime. to the fourth quarter, you love that. well, bears trailing 16-3. packers fans love this. jay cutler, who talks trash before the game, throws out garbage, intended to brandon marshall, but picked off by williams. one of four interceptions in the game for cutler. he was also sacked seven times.
6:47 pm
the very next play, aaron rodgers hooks up with the ageless donald driver. 26-yard touchdown. packers win 23-10. it's that time of year again. time to get ready for another lockout in sports. this time, it's the nhl's turn. the contract expires at midnight tomorrow night. that is not a lot of time, given how far apart the two sides are on the bargaining table. this would be the fourth work stoppage for the nhl in a decade. but when they do get back on the ice, we have good news, john carlson will be legally required to be with the caps. he re-signed carlson to a six-year contract extension. this is money for the caps fans, who have watched him take a dominating form. he led the team in blocked shots. setting a career high in goals scored for him. he's only 22 years old.
6:48 pm
this is a no-brainer for karlsson looking at the long-term with this team. >> all i wanted was to be here a long time. i think that just some of the preferences that i've had, since i've got here. it has a lot to do with just really liking this team, liking this city, and liking our fans. i obviously wanted to be here. >> kind of a shutdown role. i thought he did a great job at it. and i'm sure there's a lot of room for him to grow as a player. very solid. and very happy for him. >> happy for john and the team. when will we see him on the ice? stay tuned. all eyes will be on the nationals as they open up the final series with the braves in atlanta. they currently lead the braves by 8 1/2 games in the division. back to the redskins, many believe the skins stole the number two pick away from the
6:49 pm
rams, and head coach jeff fisher to get rg-iii. now the skins are stealing his look, guys. fisher's mustache is legendary in the league. so the rams are having a stash give away on sunday. there's even an app for it. so here's a look at what happened during some free time in this week's redskins locker room time. show everybody. if you just stay straight, i'm going to see what jeff fisher's stash looks like on you. not that you can't look more hip. >> maybe i could. >> you actually imitated his look, his facial expression. are you ready to see what you look like with -- >> let's check it out. my stash doesn't come in that thick. i usually keep it trimmed that good. if i can get one that thick, i might go for it. >> cheese. from a cherry creek guy. >> i wish i could grow that in real life. >> the ladies are going to love that. >> my wife wouldn't, though.
6:50 pm
>> he looks like a psycho in that picture. >> i do. >> that makes you look tougher. >> i look more like the guy on the box of oatmeal, i think. >> i've never rocked a stash, but i'll rock one for you. >> you're a super smart guy already. mix it up a little. >> my wife wouldn't enjoy that. >> nick's going with the smile. i see facial here here. >> some day. >> i'll e-mail it to you. impress the ladies. >> oh, yeah, i'm going to post it on twitter and see what everybody thinks. >> if only we could -- >> it works on some of them. >> we'll have to get shanahan to do it. i didn't even get a chance to ask him. the pr guy was like, please don't ask him. >> who doesn't look wiser, more polished.
6:51 pm
>> big old grisly man mustache. >> i think they need to be studying the playbook. >> that was me, actually. they were very accepting of my request. but i have italian heritage, so let me know if mine starts to come out. you guys are escaping. i haven't been here long enough to stash you up. but i've known haley for a long time. let's show you dan hellie. okay, there's hellie. photographer kiss kchris kerwin got me. everyone having some fun. >> at least you're all on the -- >> there's the sports team at news4. >> good stuff. thank you, carol. coming up, a resume with a view, and wait until you see who gets to live there.
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the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. >> we're getting our first look at the movie that's expected to be a blockbuster this fall. the trailer is out for steven spielberg's "lincoln." it opens in some theaters on november 9th. all theaters on the 16th. the film covers the final four months of lincoln's life, including the political fallout from the civil war, and the ending of slavery. "lincoln" wan fiwas filmed had virginia, as it should be. the man who followed the woman on metro and assaulted her a few blocks away. a security guard honored for his heroism after a shooting in d.c. a local bar under fire because of one of its cocktails. not because of the ingredients, because of the name. details at 11:00. veronica has the latest on
6:56 pm
our weather. >> look for your umbrella this weekend. starting monday, i think, late morning, after the morning rush, it's going to be wet around here. monday night and tuesday morning. just kind of ugly. then we get kind of chilly and cool behind it on wednesday. for the weekend, near 80 degrees. wet with highs around 76 to 77 monday and tuesday. then low 70s for wednesday. >> could get some wind with this system, too. >> you have time to buy a new umbrella. a man in sweden has designed a luxury home with heated floors and a balcony that overlooks the sea. sounds heavenly, doesn't it? well, this home is for chickens. and he really went all out. the windows face the sea. the entire chicken coop is designed so the chickens will have plenty of sunshine and stay warm in winter weather. there are several windows designed for different purposes such as collecting eggs, or simply observing the growth of the chickens.
6:57 pm
he said they like to venture out every morning for a walk ard the coop and a breath of fresh air. >> where does he put his wife? >> oh, she has a -- >> after collecting those eggs every morning. >> there's a mustache. >> look at the view. >> she put a mustache on me. that's it for us for now. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. see you at 11:00. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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